Minutes of the Greenland City Council April 08, 2019

Meeting called to order at 6pm. Those in attendance: Mayor Groom, Stephanie Sharp, Diane Reed, Larry Forrester, Lee Guthrie, Beckey Center, Lisa Thornton (came in after approval on minutes), Rebecca Lawson, Bill Yoes, Justin Reed, Chief Ricker, attorney Josh Bailey and various guests.

Motion by Reed, 2nd by Forrester to approve the March’s council minutes. Motion passes 7-0.

Motion by Lawson, 2nd by Thornton to approve the March’s treasurer's report. Motion passes 8-0.

Brenda Reynolds presented the planning commission report.

Building Inspector Report: 1 building permit pulled.

Chief Ricker presented the court and police report.

Houses on Tanner/Napier: Mrs. Lawson asked if a certificate of occupancy was issued for the house on Napier. The mayor said he forgot to check but will do so. Mayor Groom said he would check the Municipal League and other cities to see how they handle this.

Resolution 04-08-2019A Tanner St contract: Motion by Lawson 2nd by Thornton to read resolution 04-18-2019A by title only. Motion passes 8-0. Mr. Bailey read. Motion by Thornton 2nd by Yoes to approve
04-08-2019A. Motion passes 8-0.

Resolution 04-08-2019B Contract for Building Inspector:
Motion by Lawson 2nd by Thornton to read resolution 04-08-2019B by title only. Motion passes 7-1 with Guthrie voting no. After discussion of changing wording motion by Thornton, 2nd by Lawson to read Resolution 04-08-2019B by title only. Mr. Bailey read it. Motion passes 7-0.  Mr. Bailey read.

Motion by Thornton 2nd by Lawson to approve 04-08-2019B. Motion passes 7-0. Mrs. Reed had left the meeting and did not vote.

Citizens comments: Mr. Reed is concerned about the construction trailers damaging the area of 390 Tanner St and would like to make sure they are not being allowed to park on the street.

Motion by Yoes, 2nd by Thornton to adjourn at 7:37. Motion passes 7-0.