The View from the Mayor’s Desk….

Happy New Year in Greenland! 2018 was a good year in our city. We purchased 47 acres of which 37 acres will become a nature/river park. Many state
agencies want to be a part of this project. These agencies are willing to give expert advice and give us money to make this a great contributing factor to the quality of life in Greenland. This will not happen overnight, but things are getting in place to get a master plan so we can have a budget to guide us through the next phase. We will involve our school in this process. Really exciting potential!!

Our recycling program continues to grow thanks to you citizens who take your recyclables. I can tell you that other cities in our area cannot believe how successful we are. Thank you so much for supporting this program.

We remodeled the community center bathrooms and entry way in 2018. We budgeted another round of improvements to it for 2019. Citizens can rent it out for $100 a day. It has a full kitchen as well as a new sound system that can be requested to be used. Call city hall to reserve your spot!

2019 will also include a $250,000 street resurfacing to some of our streets at no cost to the city of Greenland. The is coming from a state aid program at This should happen in the spring. We also continue to upgrade our sewer system which will increase our chances for growth. We hope to have additional projects to tell you about soon.

In closing, I want to assure you that our city finances are in very good shape. We will continue to look for grants to help offset the cost of improving our city. As always, please call me with any questions or concerns and happy new year!!

Mayor Bill Groom

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