Planning Commission Minutes
Monday, February 4, 2019
6:00 PM at City Hall

The Commission reserves the right to reprioritize its consideration of the items on the agenda. Commissioners present: Brenda Reynolds, Bill Yoes, Charlotte Carnes, Paula Schoonover. Called meeting to order at 6:00 p.m

1. Discussions of 2018 code provisions for continued residential use of property in
commercial zones. Need to continue to discuss and clarify the code. Need legal
advice and to continue research.

2. Continued discussions on triggering events that would bring businesses up to code. A change of business, change of ownership or new business would warrant the business to meet city codes. When we rework the code those provisions will go in the business license section.

3. Discussion of R zones and code regarding accessory buildings and continuing to
rework the code. Discussion of draft that Commissioner Reynolds is working on to
better define accessory building and size of property and accessory buildings
allowed. Question asked about grandfathering in properties that are not compliant
and working with property owners to bring them up to code. Discussed having a
workshop with citizen input to use as consideration while reworking the code.

4. Revision to by laws. Discussed changing by laws to add 6th member instead of it
saying a 6th member if approved by Council.

Motion to read minutes by Commissioner Carnes, 2nd by Commissioner Yoes. Pass 4-0

Motion to approve minutes by Commissioner Yoes; 2nd by Commissioner Carnes; Pass 4-0.

Motion to adjourn: Commissioner Yoes; 2nd by Commissioner Carnes. Pass 4-0

Adjourn: 7:02 p.m.