Planning Commission Agenda
Monday, October 1, 2018
6:00 PM at City Hall

The Commission reserves the right to reprioritize its consideration of the items on the agenda.

Commissioners present: Brenda Reynolds, Bill Yoes, Charlotte Carnes, Lee Guthrie. Called meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

1. Public Hearing: Lot split, 10511 SE Campbell Road., Freddie Sheppard
Cut out 2.22 acres from the southeast corner from a 28.5-acre property he
currently owns. Selling property to the grandson and grandson will build a house.
Public hearing closed at 6:07 p.m.

2. 10511 SE Campbell Road, Freddie Sheppard
Motion to approve the lot split by Commissioner Guthrie, Commissioner Carnes
2nd. Passed 4-0.

3. Discussion of additional commissioner added to Planning Commission for a total
of six commissions.
Motion by Carnes, 2nd by Yoes to ask for another planning commissioner to be
added to the Commission for a total of six commissioners. Passed: 4-0.

4. Post-Planning 201 discussions:

a. creating a General Facilities Plan:
Overlays the master street plan with where we want future growth of
city facilities to go. Could be done through Northwest Arkansas Regional
Planning. Might utilize this plan to address the 5G towers that are
beginning to be put up in cities.

b. certified notices of public hearings:
When an application is turned in, the Planning Commission needs to be
notified. Proof of certified notices, plus the plat showing surrounding
property owners, proof of publication and the application need to be
distributed to the Planning Commission at least 10 days prior to the
meeting, per page 216 of the Code.

c. time allotted for public hearing:
Pursuant to APAC 201 Training, there is no time requirement allotment
for a public meeting and it can also occur at any place in the agenda.

d. Chairman voting:
Needs to be part of our bylaws. Some cities the chair votes, some don’t.

e. Bylaws for Planning Commission:
Code has minimal references to the planning commission, and its duties
and functions, appointment, compensation, etc. We need bylaws to
make our procedures cohesive. Application for lot split for tonight was
dated August 24th. We received it 9/26/18, four days prior to the
scheduled meeting, when we picked up the truck to go to the Planning
201 meeting. This violates all provisions of our code of having at least
10 days prior to hearing date. This is an example of what would be in
our bylaws.

f. City Website: Planning Commission request that the agenda be
published in addition to the minutes. And the new email for the Planning
Commission is too inefficient and the Planning Commissioners prefer to
use our own emails.

Motion to read minutes: Commissioner Carnes, 2nd by Commissioner Yoes.
Motion to approve the minutes, Commission Carnes, 2nd by Commissioner Yoes. Passed 4-0

Motion to adjourn, Commissioner Carnes & 2nd by Commissioner Yoes.
Adjourned 8:07 p.m.