Greenland Municipal Code

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Introductory Pages (14 pages, 839 kb)
Title 1 – General Provisions (6 pages, 483 kb)
Title 2 – Classification, Administration & Personnel (34 pages, 1.5 Mb)
Title 3 – Fiscal Affairs (5 pages, 390 kb)
Title 4 – Business Licenses & Regulations ( 22 pages, 1.1 Mb)
Title 5 – Health & Sanitation (14 pages, 748 kb)
Title 6 – Animals & Fowl (7 pages, 564 kb)
Title 7 – Public Peace, Safety & Morals (15 pages, 598 kb)
Title 8 – Vehicles & Traffic (8 pages, 731 kb)
Title 9 – Streets & Sidewalks (37 pages, 1.8 Mb)
Title 10 – Utilities (22 pages, 1.1 Mb)
Title 11 – Buildings & Construction (54 pages, 3 Mb)
Title 12 – Parks & Recreation (2 pages, 131 kb)
Title 13 – Planning (3 pages, 226 kb)
Title 14 – Zoning (56 pages, 3.4Mb)
Title 15 – Subdivisions Regulations (21 pages, 906 kb)
Index (4 pages, 260 kb)Note: The pages listed on this Index correspond to the Municipal Code page numbers and not the .pdf page numbers. Please search for the section (by title number) you are seeking using this Index.
Greenland Municipal Code (Complete) As of April, 2009 (324 pages, 16 Mb)Note: This complete version of the Greenland Municipal Code includes all of the above sections and Titles in one large document. The below ordinances are to be included for the most up-to-date information.

Ordinances passed since the Municipal Code was codified.

These ordinances become an integral part of the most current Greenland Municipal Code.

An Ordinance to amend Ord # 236 ( Abandoned Veh Ord)
Local Development Waste Water Impact Fees
Amending Sign Ord. #272
3 Year Cable TV Franchise
Prohibiting Engine Brakes
Establishing a Curfew for Minors
Levying a Tax on Real & Personal Property
Amending Title 2, Chapter 2.52 of the Municipal Code
Repeal of Ord. 24 (Door-to-Door Solicitation)
New Sign Ordinance
Levying Tax on Real & Personal Property
Levying 1% Sales & Use Tax
Special Election on Levying 1% Sales & Use Tax
New Sign Ordinance eff. 3/1/11
Amending Title 14 regarding the Regulation of Accessory Uses
Amending the Municipal Code Title 15, Chapter 15.12 to Clarify Distinction between Lot Line Adjustmants and Lot Splits and the Procedures for each


Amending Chapter 8.08 of Municipal Code: Truck Routes/Street Weight Limits
Amending Appendix A the “Use Chart” found at Title 14, Chapter 14.04, Section 14.04.12 of the Greenland Municipal Code
Approving the First Amendment to Interlocal Agreement for Ambulance Services


Amending Title 14 of the Greenland Municipal Code regarding Amendments to the Conditional Use language in each zoning district


Amending the Greenland Municipal Code, specifically Title 14 Zoning Section 14.04.12 Use Chart, Appendix A


An Ordinance Redistricting City Wards
An Ordinance Amending Title 6, Animals and Fowl, of the Greenland Municipal Code and for other purposes


An Ordinance Amending Chapter 7.28, Section 7.28.01 of Title 7 of the Greenland Municipal Code, Declaring an Emergency to Exist, and for other related purposes
An Ordinance Amending the Greenland Municipal Code, specifically Title 14 Zoning, Section 14.04.10 General Standards


An Ordinance Amending Title 2, Chapter 2.52, of the Greenland Municipal Code and Amending Title 11, Chapter 11.04, Section 11.04.02 and other matters related thereto
An Ordinance Amending Chapter 7.28 Section 7.28.02 of Title 7 of the Greenland Municipal Code, and for other related purposes
An Ordinance Authorizing the Issuance of a Promissory Note to provide financing for the Project; Authorizing the Sale of the Note and the Execution of a Note Purchase Agreement; and prescribing other matters pertaining thereto.



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