City Council Members of the City of Greenland

Jim Renfrow Mayor
Misty McCard Recorder/Treasurer
Diane Reed WARD 1 POS. 1 all email questions for Greenland City Council need to be sent to City Hall for further forwarding to the appropriate council member.
Bill Yoes WARD 1 POS. 2
Travis Whisenhunt WARD 2 POS. 1
Lisa Thornton WARD 2 POS. 2
Chalon Ragsdale WARD 3 POS. 1
Jermaine Petty WARD 3 POS. 2
Mark Herrmann WARD 4 POS. 1
Rebecca Lawson WARD 4 POS. 2

Minutes of the most recently approved City Council meeting, click here.
(Note: As the City Council meetings minutes are not approved until the following month’s meeting, the Minutes will always be at least one month old).