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Greenland Arkansas is a small but very accessible community situated 3 miles south of Fayetteville in Washington County, Arkansas.

Northwest Arkansas is a vibrant economic area.

Residents and businesses in our city limits and indeed the surrounding area (the Greenland community) have ample opportunities to work in the larger cities but reside in a small town atmosphere which has a lower cost-of-living and is safer (very low crime rate).

Besides having access to the educational (the flagship of the U of A system is 4 miles away), entertainment, dining and other venues less than 10 minutes away, Greenland residents can take advantage of a relatively small but user-friendly school. Many children thrive in a smaller school environment. There is more opportunity to excel. Parents have more access to the faculty and administration. We are very proud of what our school provides our children.

Greenland is situated between Scenic Highway 71 and Interstate 49. Both are in our city limits. Highway 265, in the western edge of our city, (also known as Razorback Road) provides access to the main entrance to the U of A (approximately 4 miles). Drake Field, an executive airport, is literally a stone’s throw away from City Hall.

As you can see, Greenland is the best of both worlds. We can tap into assets of our larger communities but be more in control of our personal opportunities in a family oriented community.

Come check us out! You will like what you find.