Planning Commission Minutes
Monday, January 7, 2019
6:00 PM at City Hall

The Commission reserves the right to reprioritize its consideration of the items on the agenda. Commissioners present: Brenda Reynolds, Bill Yoes, Charlotte Carnes, Lee Guthrie, Paula Schoonover. Called meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Motion to amend the agenda to add election of officers as third item and lot spit regular item as second item, by Commissioner Bill Yoes, 2nd by Commissioner Schoonover. Pass 5-0.

1. Public Hearing: Dan Jenkins: Monroe Hill Lot Split
Split property into two parts in planning district; a family split. The final determination
will be in the hands of Washington County. If gas is decided on, each property has to
have its own meter. Public hearing adjourned at 6:09.

2. Public Hearing: Dan Jenkins: Monroe Hill Lot Split
William Jenkins has submitted the plats and proof of mailings.
Motion to approve lot split by Commissioner Guthrie; 2nd by Commissioner Carnes. Pass 5-0.

3. Election of Officers
Nomination for Chair: Commissioner Reynolds by Commissioner Yoes; 2nd by
Commissioner Carnes. Pass 5-0.
Nomination for Vice Chair: Commissioner Yoes by Commissioner Carnes; 2nd by
Commissioner Guthrie. Pass 5-0.
Nomination for Secretary: Commissioner Schoonover by Commissioner Guthrie; 2nd by Commissioner Carnes. Pass 5-0.

4. Bylaws
Motion to adopt the Bylaws subject to the format changes by Commissioner Yoes; 2nd Commissioner Carnes. Pass 5-0.

5. Accessory Definition: Chair to speak to City Attorney for wording of this definition.

6. Liquor by the Drink: To remind Council action is needed. Council needs to draft an
ordinance to allow liquor by the drink.

7. Large Subdivision (LSD) application process update: There were items on the application that city engineer noticed needed more information. She revamped that and gave Tammy a new form and the old form was shredded. LSD process is still in the city engineer and attorney phase.

8. Code Revisions and reworking in conjunction with LSD and subdivision process: In the lot split section of the code there’s nothing that talks about evidence will be given ten days prior to Planning Commission meeting of notice to neighbors. It is in the conditional use section but not in the lot split section.

9. Planning 201—Triggering event for updating older properties: Needs to be added to the code. City Engineer agrees that is the only way we can get older properties brought up to speed with current code requirements.

Public comments started at 6:40:
Mr. Reed reported, second hand information, that the Reynolds family is working on a similar deal as the music venue that has been cancelled.

Motion to read minutes by Commissioner Carnes, 2nd by Commissioner Yoes. Pass 5-0.

Motion to approve minutes by Commissioner Schoonover; 2nd by Commissioner Carnes; Pass 5-0.

Motion to adjourn: Commissioner Carnes; 2nd by Commissioner Schoonover. Pass 5-0

Adjourn: 6:47 p.m.