Minutes of the Greenland City Council March 11, 2019

Meeting called to order at 6pm. Those in attendance: Mayor Groom, Stephanie Sharp, Diane Reed, Larry Forrester, Lee Guthrie, Lisa Thornton, Rebecca Lawson, Bill Yoes, Justin Reed, Chief Ricker, attorney Josh Bailey and various guests.

Appointment of new council member. Motion by Yoes 2 nd by Reed to appoint Diane Reed to fill out the rest of the term for Ward 1 Position 1. Motion passes 7-0. Mayor swore her in.

Motion by Thornton, 2nd by Reed to approve the March’s council minutes. Motion passes 6-0 with D.Reed and Center abstaining.

Motion by Thornton, 2nd by Forrester to approve the March’s treasurer's report. Motion passes 7-0 with D. Reed abstaining.

Brenda Reynolds presented the planning commission report.
No building inspector activity.

Chief Ricker presented the court and police report.

Committee Report: Personnel Committee met to discuss the opening on the building inspector.

Houses on Tanner/Napier: Electric permit was pulled on the house on Napier. Not sure if inspection was done. Mayor will check with Brad. Sewer was done through Fayetteville. Mrs. Thornton asked if a certificate of occupancy was issued. Mayor Groom said he would check with Brad.

Building Inspector/Code Enforcer: Had 2 interviews and will conduct 1 more. Will be checking out references and making a decision soon.

Appointment of new planning commissioner: Motion by Yoes, 2 nd by Thornton to appoint Hunter Collins to the planning commission. Motion passes 8-0.

Resolution 03-11-2019A  Amendments to personnel handbook: Motion by Thornton 2nd by Center to read resolution 03-11-2019A by title only. Motion passes 8-0. Mr. Bailey read. Motion by Thornton 2nd by Center to approve 02-11-2019A. Motion passes 8-0.

Resolution 03-11-2019B Contract for park: Mr. Ogle explained the process of bringing the park back to native vegetation. Motion by Thornton 2nd by Lawson to read resolution 03-11-2019B by title only.

Motion passes 8-0. Mr. Bailey read. Motion by Thornton 2nd by Lawson to approve 02-11-2019B. Motion passes 8-0

Citizens comments: Benjamin Weatherwood an eagle scout had a request to do an eagle scout project. He will get back with the mayor in a few days to get some ideas.

Motion by Yoes, 2nd by Thornton to adjourn at 7:14. Motion passes 8-0.